Hello world!

I think this is my first blog although I seem to vaguely remember an attempt at it several years ago… I guess it wasn’t really my time then. So what makes me want to blog? Would you like the truth or some beautiful made up theory? I’ll give you the truth first! Haha I want to see how social media really works?!?! I’m new to this world and already a Twitter fanatic! I think the impact of blogging and tweeting and facebook are incridible and we have just begun to see where this type of media can take us! Like I said in my bio this is a test to see if there would be a response to a blog from my business. I think between me and my two other business partners we could possibly have something to share about the interior design world! I work with my mom! She is one of the best in the business and I’m not just prejudice; I get to see her work come together and it’s amazing! She has been in the business for over 30 years and her wealth of knowledge and understanding of basic design and functional use of space help keep Kathleen and I in check! Kathleen is our color genius! She can pick a paint color and give you an entire look with so many wonderful ideas just by seeeing what fabrics you love! She is our magician and the Queen of paint! I have honestly never seen people stand in line in a paint store for color advice till now! She has a loyal following of folks who wouldn’t consider asking another soul! Her ideas are fun and the fluff of life is her specialty! Me, I’m the protege’ as Kathleen calls me… I’ve been around interior design since I was born. I think I inherited the natural knack for it from my mom Nancy! I have worked with her over the last 10 years on different levels but about 8 months ago I took the leap out of hell of 9-5 and began full time training with her! Now when the three of us get together there is just something magical that happens. It’s like that with creative people. We feed off each others good vibes, excitement, and innovative ideas! So hello world! Let me know if you think our business Niche’ by design has a market for blogging? You think the world is ready for such fun and magical ideas? Watch out could be something from them very soon!


The Oily Life with Young Living Essential Oils, Interior Design and social media managment with Niche by design www.niche-bydesign.com | singing, dancing, social media, #ChirpWdstck tweetup creator ~love the North Carolina Coast

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