String Bracelet Army

I’ve fallen in love with making friendship bracelets all over again. I remember making them I think when I was around 10-12 years old. That was only a few years ago now… I love making bracelets in general, and until recently was mostly making bracelets with beads. Before our mission trip to Haiti last December, I made a bunch of the beaded bracelets to sell to help raise money for my trip expenses. I had a great response from friends on Facebook, ordering my little creations.  Since I’m on a string bracelet kick, I decided this year this would be my craft project. But this year instead of selling them, I want to take the bracelets I make as gifts to the orphans in Haiti. After my experience last time, I learned that the gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money, but something bright and cheerful and anything that makes them feel special is a great gift. I’ve been making the chevron pattern I found instructions for on youtube all summer. I finally looked up another pattern called the overlapping leaf pattern and learned it in less than an hour. I haven’t sold any yet, but all my friends love them and I’ve had great fun giving them as gifts to my friends, just like in junior high school.

making friendship bracelets

My neighbor, Macee and I spend time at her pool and hang like porch monkey’s this summer with our kids, so we have decided to become our very own string bracelet army to make these bracelets for the orphans in Haiti. There are 175 kids in one orphanage and there are several other orphanages that Pastor Olistin runs. I’m hoping to make 300 string bracelets by this December. I’m tying knots like crazy, getting calluses, saying prayers for the orphans as I make them, and hoping to meet the goal. Do you know how to make friendship bracelets? There are some great tutorials on youtube if you don’t know how. Would you consider joining my little army? I need help! I can make a lot of bracelets by myself, and with my neighbors help we can make more, but just think if we had maybe 20-30 friends making string bracelets we’d be able to meet our goal in no time.

That’s kinda why I’m writing this blog. I was sitting there working away on one of the 6 bracelets I have going right now, and thought “I need help, this is taking too much time by myself… Who could help me?”  Then I thought of you… my friends online, why not at least ask? Even if only 2 people agree to help that is more than I had. The string is pretty inexpensive, you just buy cross stitch thread or embroidery floss. They sell it in a large pack at Wal-Mart. (no I’m not a fan of Wal-mart either, but the string is cheap there) Decide which pattern you want to make, either the leaf or the chevron and then get busy! I used this friendship bracelet video to help me get started. Some of the most important tools of the trade are a clipboard, paper clips, safety pins,and of course string! The clipboard is essential because it helps keep your string organized. I found my clipboard at the dollar general, it doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to work.

If you would like to join the string bracelet army and send some of your creations to the orphanage in Haiti this December, or want to get a group of your kids at church to help please contact me. If you want to know more about Help 4 Haiti we have a Facebook page and a brand new website. If you aren’t crafty and have no desire to help make anything, but feel the desire to help our cause you can always simply donate either on the website or on our Facebook page with easy online payments. I’m also looking for sponsors this year to help me make this trip. So there are lots of ways you can help if you are interested. Thanks for reading and let me know any questions or ideas in the comments!

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