Good Day Atlanta live at Woodstock Market

Live from Acworth, GA on June 21st, I had the unique  privilege of speaking for the Woodstock Market as their very own designer on the morning show Good Day Atlanta on Fox 5 here in Atlanta, GA. It was a thrill of a lifetime! I enjoyed each moment and it was a wonderful experience I will never forget. How did all this come about you may be wondering?  Well I think I can share a little of the background with out revealing too many top secrets…

About 3 days before I was about to go on vacation to North Carolina for our annual beach trip, I got a call and message out of the blue from a person who said she was the Publicist  for Woodstock Market and that they were looking for an interior designer to be a spokesperson for the market when the TV crew came to film on location. I listened to the message almost in disbelief and of course called Toren Anderson right back. She told me the date of the filming and I was a bit shocked to hear it was right during our planned vacation coming up. I had to make a decision, and fast… I told her I’d talk to my husband and get back with her. Then with-in a few hours I’d decided one way or another I was going to at least meet with Mrs Anderson. I had to find out if what she was saying was really true and if they could possibly want me to be their spokesperson. I met with her and with in a few minutes; Toren knew that I’d be the right designer for the spot. So my family and I began rearranging our vacation so that I could be back in time to prepare for the live show filming at Woodstock Market in Acwroth, GA.

How did I even get the call out of the blue in the first place? That is a pretty cool back story too! I began #ChirpWdstck ( a monthly tweet-up/meet-up) in Woodstock, GA  just a few years ago. I’ve made some great friends and wonderful contacts from this relaxed social networking bunch. One of the contacts I made early on was  Jennifer Carter a photographer in the area. At any rate, Jennifer and I became friends at #ChirpWdstck, and followed each other through our favorite social media channels. What if I’d never started #ChirpWdstck? It was a risk to do at the time, and I had no idea if it would take off. To think that one good decision can lead to other great things happening in your life is a good reason to not be afraid to try new things!  We still meet every 3rd Tuesday of the month, and while our group fluctuates from 6-15 people now, it is worth the time I put into it because great things have already happened in my life because of it. If nothing else big every happens I’m grateful  I’ve made some great local friends and we all enjoy meeting once a month to chat and share life.

The Girls of WM

Woodstock Market was all a  hustle and bustle when I showed up to meet the three ladies who are the partners and owners. I could tell they had been busy for a week or two getting the place all spiffed up. When I went to the counter to ask for one of them the ladies behind the counter pointed me in the direction of the women working in the front of the store that I had just walked passed and been pleasantly greeted by on my way in the building. I was impressed from the beginning that the owners were not just sitting behind a desk but actually out making sure everything was going as planned and doing the hands on work. I sat down with Karen, Mari and Lisa and got to hear the story of how Woodstock Market began. If I was going to be their “stunt double” as they fondly referred to me, then I wanted to know the how, what, and when of Woodstock Market’s history. When they explained the events that took place that lead them to having me help them with their TV spot, I knew for sure God had a hand in all of this.  I knew He did anyway, but listening to their own story of stepping out in faith and trusting God and finding success made me sure these were women I’d be happy to work with and for. Every time I’ve had the pleasure of shopping there for clients I loved how open the isle’s were, and the idea they had with store fronts for individual booths. The place was welcoming and friendly to me as a designer shopping for clients even before I had a personal relationship with the owners. Unlike many antique malls or consignment shops, I found Woodstock Market to be clean, without that “awful smell” and organized in a way that made it easy to enjoy looking around.  I told the ladies all of these things upfront and we had time to ask each other questions and get to know one another a little better before the big day. I honestly didn’t want to leave when I did, I had so much fun walking around and searching for items for the “Best Picks” segment that was going to be filmed. I found so many treasures I wanted it was hard to narrow it down to the few I had selected that I’d have time to talk about.

The night before the big morning I was quite nervous. I remember praying before I went to sleep, asking God to calm my nerves, and telling Him that I knew He had good plans for me… I slept soundly, woke up excited and even got ready on time. My son and his cousin even got up and ready with no complaint and we were soon on our way. I remember being emotional on the short driver over to the Market, feeling thankful for just getting to be a part of such a fun event. When I arrived  Mari let me in and she took us back to the office where we all got our make up done. It was surreal sitting in that chair having some one else put my face on for me. When Nyssa Green was finished I was amazed at how I looked, she really knew how to make me feel confident with flawless skin and perfect make up. I was a little nervous but once my mom walked in the building, gave me a big hug and said we’ve got about 20 friends out there praying for you this morning, I felt a sense of calm and peace come over me. It was time to shine and time to make Woodstock Market memorable so that people would want to visit the great store I was representing. Something inside me told me I could do it.

Olivia Millwood photo with Paul MIlliken of Fox 5 Good Day Atlanta

Meeting Paul Milliken of Fox 5 was fantastic. He was so down to earth and easy to be around. He made me feel at ease at once. We chatted about the two segments before hand and this gave me just a bit more confidence for the upcoming live TV spots. Woodstock Market was a buzz of  happy energy when Paul arrived. You could feel how everyone wanted to get a look at the TV crew and the news crew, each booth owner was excited and so were the crowd of folks who came to be a part of the event. There was even  free breakfast for all the shoppers served by the Market Cafe inside Woodstock Market in honor of the event! As the time got closer for the first film spot, I began to take deep breaths. Paul came over and we talked about what we were going to say live. He really helped me feel like it was all going to work out just fine and that I didn’t have to worry. When the cameras came on, I couldn’t help but feel like I was telling my new friend about all the great finds and fun things at our local Woodstock Market. So without further ado, here are the youtube videos from the big day.


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One comment on “Good Day Atlanta live at Woodstock Market
  1. Wonderful post! I didn’t get the opportunity the day of, but I wanted to thank you for “picking” the mod apron from my -Junk Drunk Jones- showroom. You did a fantastic job, and I look forward to reading and seeing more of your work! -Stefanie “Junk Drunk” Jones

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