Help 4 Haiti 2013 Ministry Trip Announcement and Information

I’m in the process of “serious planning” for the return trip to Haiti this year. This is the information and announcement sheet we have created to share and give out to those who are considering joining our team. I wanted to share it here in case any of my readers know anyone who  might be interested in joining us. We have a vision of 40 team members returning with us this December to help raise the walls of the new orphanage in Onaville, Haiti. This Sunday we will have a meeting at our church in Marietta, GA to ask our members to join us. Here is the Announcement and Information anyone interested in going this December needs to know.

Bon Dieu Bon Tou Tan! (God is good all the time)

Help 4 Haiti 2013 Ministry Trip December 26, 2013 –Jan 1, 2014

Olivia and the orphan she and her husband sponsor Youcanlove Delva in Haiti December 2012

Olivia and the orphan she and her husband sponsor Youcanlove Delva in Haiti December 2012

Haiti – A Country that needs hope
•Haiti, poorest nation in western hemisphere reduced to rubble in 30 second earthquake on January 12, 2010
•Majority of 9 million people still living in tent cities
•Tropical Storm Isaac Flooding Aug 25, 2012

What will we DO?
•Share the love of Christ with the Orphans.
•Do ministry and share hope with the church congregations.
•Distribute food to those in need.
•PRAY for the entire nation of Haiti while visiting
•Help with the Construction of new Onaville orphanage foundations

Who will we SERVE?
•Serving Pastor Estecoeur Olistin who will be hosting our team
•Ministry at some of the 13 congregations in Port-Au- Prince area serving 3000 people + 2500 children
•Helping at the Orphanage of La Croix-des – Bouquets (Currently caring for 175 children)

What are the Teams?
Orphans ministry Team – This team will do Bible clubs, activities and minister to orphans and school children
Food distribution Team – This team will be responsible for food distribution to those in need
Ministry Team – This team will share God’s word and music in nightly Revival services
Construction Team – This team will help construct the foundation for a new orphanage in Haiti

Trip Logistics-
•$1500 Trip cost – airfare & transportation/food/lodging while in Haiti
•Submit application + $500 deposit by August 18, submit $500 deposit by Sept 15, final $500 deposit by Oct 20.
•Make all checks payable to Help4Haiti, INC – 2013 Ministry Trip
•Need current passport + Travel shots/meds for travel to Haiti
•Keep passport + copy of DL+ shots records on person @ all times+ $100 travel cash
•Pack 3 changes clothing 1 carry on/back pack + 1 checked bag (includes camping gear)
•Modest comfortable attire- knee length shorts/ Capri or long slacks
•3rd world conditions – limited water/showers/bath facilities
•Personal hygiene+ sunscreen/insect repellant + protein/snack bars+ drink flavor packs
•Avg Temps 70-88 F w/ 61% humidity – 10% chance of rain
•US Embassy Haiti – Ph 509-229-8942/ Pastor Olistin ph 508-455-4049
•Trip Leader Louis Chalmers – Ph 404-861-3959


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