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becoming my own entrepreneur

I must have thought I was too weak or small or something. Perhaps going through every rough and tumble experience in my life has lead me here. I’m not weak or small or something… I’m strong and smart and funny and full of imaginative ideas.

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My oily account @jesuscoffeeoilsandmascara shared the photos from an amazing event I got to attend with my mama this past weekend. Now I’m sharing some of our every day life photos from the weekend. It’s kinda weird honestly running two accounts now. In fact it’s on the list of something I didn’t think I’d do again. But I just thought it best to keep business over there and every day life on this account. Many of you who have been with me may not even know I’m an oily lady yet, maybe this post will send ya that way if you want to know more. If not bare with me this year as I navigate finding the right balance on both these accounts. Thanks to all the friends who have stayed with me here since the beginning almost ten years ago. I often miss my #interiordesign friends so much it hurts. Mama and I were talking and realized it’s been about four years now since I left that world to have a baby and stay home full time with my sweet #babyj indeed #timeflies Part of me wonders how I can incorporate the #design knowledge I gained in those years with @nancychalmers now with my oils and my adventures at home. It’s a brand new year! And I’m hoping with the momentum from the goal setting workshop we attended I’ll figure some things out for this year. These everyday photos include a Friday lunch date with my little man, my fur babies chilling inside together, my mom getting to play with Jase a unicorn rock and some time in the yard with the neighbors’ kids(a first YAY) - and these ordinary moments are truly the beginning of a best beautiful year right here where I am and I’m grateful. #happynewyear2019 #letsgo #dreaming #planning #lookingback #thinkingahead #makingplanstorock2019 #lovemybaby #lovemymama #gratitiude #everyday #thesemomentsmattertoo