Olivia Millwood

Olivia Millwood

Staying at home with my little guy is one of the greatest joys and most exciting struggles life can offer. As a mother you are constantly on call 24/7. The job of a lifetime with unmatched rewards in hugs kisses and beautiful memories made one day at a time. I also have discovered essential oils in the past year. I am madly in love and slightly obsessed (okay more than slightly, but that can be our secret) with Young Living’s oils and all their products that help promote a toxic free lifestyle.

I also recently rescued 6 cats. A mama cat and 5 kittens. The mama cat ran away and we’ve adopted out two so far. So now my lovingly referred to zoo is downn to one doggie, 3 kittens and Tom cat.

One of the most profound experiences in my life so far was my first trip to Haiti in 2012. My dad founded an organization called Help 4 Haiti after the earthquake in 2010 and has since seen the realization of the dream of an orphanage being built  and making many mission trips possible to keep continuing the awareness of the great need for compassion for the orphans there  in Haiti. You can find out more about them at help4haiti.org

I have been a  design consultant and social media manager of a lovely home furnishings’ boutique, Niche by Design, located in Marietta, Georgia. Niche by design was a part of a family owned and operated business called Chalmers Enterprises. Olivia’s mother Nancy Chalmers is an interior designer and her father Louis Chalmers is a contractor for Chalmers Construction. Together we made up a family Design Build Center in the heart of  the East Cobb area in Marietta, GA.

I am better known as swaygrl on twitter,  (@swaygrl), and I also tweet for @ Nichebydesign . I was mentored by two interior design pros:  Award-winning designer Nancy Chalmers and color specialist Kathleen Toner.  I grew up around interior design . I have a natural knack for interior design and have always been drawn to beautiful things from being around them early on with my mom.  I am a treasure hunter who finds the perfect wallpaper,fabric, and unique items for clients. Mid-century-modern design is my absolute favorite style,  and yet am well aware that the client should leave their mark on their home and not just their designer.

Shopping is one of my favorite parts of interior design. I love going to consignment shops and finding treasures for my client. I love mixing high and low in a person’s home. I love seeing a families’ favorite treasures displayed beautifully for their enjoyment with out too much clutter. I love watching the magic happen and seeing the finished product once the job is finished.

Social Media has become a huge part of my life. I manage both my parent’s small business accounts on Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and also write weekly blogs for them. My personal journey into social media has both been an amazing adventure and lots of fun. Things that might have never happened have actually taken place because of the connections and friendships I’ve made on the wonderful world wide web. I began a tweet-up in our downtown Woodstock, GA area called #ChirpWdstck. It quickly  became a beloved social outing for many local business friends. You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, FourSquare, Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter .


One comment on “Olivia Millwood
  1. Great to hear more about your experience Olivia! You seem really passionate about what you do and I think that’s really admirable!

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